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Screening donor bloodfor Malarya bypolimerase chain reaction

Tamization de malaria en donantes de sangre de Cali, Colombia

Screening of blood bank samples for the presence of malaria parasites by conventional methods and quantitative nucleic acid sequence-based amplification (QT-NASBA) assay

Transfusion-Transmited Malaria in Countries Where Malaria Is Endemic: A Review of the literature from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Malaraia seroprevalence in blood bank donors from endemic and non-endemic areas of Venezuela

Inmunological testing for malaria and blood donor deferral: the experience of the Granda Polyclinic Hospital in Milan.

Action plan to regain unnecesary deferral blood donors due to malaria risk in Turkey.

Normative evaluation of blood bank in the Brazilian amazon regions in respect to the prevention of transfusion-transmited malaria.

Clinical significance of molecular methods in the diagnosis of imported malaria in returning travelers in Sembia.

Sensitivity of nested-PCR for plasmodium detection in pooled whole blood samples and its usefullness to blood donor screening in endemic areas.

Transfusion-transmited malaria in endemic zone: Epidemiological profile of blood donors at the fundacao HEMOAM use of rapid diagnostic test for malaria screening in Manaus.

Is asyntomatic malaria really asyntomatic Hematological, vascular and inflammatory effect of asyntomatic malaria parasitemia.

The Epidemiology of imported malaria and transfusion policy in 5 nonendemic countries.

Malaria parasitemia in apparently healthy blood donors in North-Central Nigeria.

Prevalence in malaria in blood donors and risk of transfusion transmissible malaria.

New molecular detection methods of malaria with multiple genes from genomes.

Newer versus conventional methods in the diagnosis of malaria:  A Comparison.

Current status of malaria parasite among blood donors in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Selective malaria antibody screening among eligible blood donors in Jiangsu, China.

Observation of blood donors-recipient malaria parasitemia patterns in a malaria endemic region.

Asymptomatic malaria infection and associated factors among blood donors attending Arba Minch Blood Bank, Southwest Ethiopia.

Blood transfusion malaria:  A literature review.