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Primer trimestre
Blood shortages and changes to massive transfusion protocols: Survey of hospital practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

Elevated international normalized ratio is correlated with large volume transfusion in pediatric trauma patients

Pediatric trauma: Blood product transfusion characteristics in a pediatric emergency department, a single center experience

A practical guide to red blood cell transfusion in children

Transfusion in neonates and older children: Principles and updates

The story of an extraordinary year: Challenges and opportunities in responding to Covid-19

Blood transfusion in children at a university hospital in a middle-income country: The need to reinforce adherence to current guidelines

Neonatal Platelet Transfusions: Starting Again

Variation in Neonatal Transfusion Practice

Closing the evidence to practice gap in neonatal transfusion medicine

Blood Utilization and Transfusion Reactions in Pediatric Patients Transfused with Conventional or Pathogen Reduced Platelets

Transfusing children with hemoglobinopathies

American Society of Hematology 2020 guidelines for sickle cell disease: transfusion support

Blood component utilization before and after implementation of good transfusion practice measures in a pediatric emergency department

Fetal hemoglobin levels in premature newborns. Should we reconsider transfusion of adult donor blood?

Survival among children and adults treated with granulocyte transfusions: Twenty years’ experience at a Brazilian blood center

Association of red blood cell transfusion volume with postoperative complications and mortality in neonatal surgery