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A prospective randomized trial of a prophylactic plateletatransfusion trigger of 10 ¥ 109 per L versu

A UK single-centre survey of red cell antibodies

ABO-incompatible heart transplants

Blood transfusion practices in liver transplantation

Blood transfusions in kidney transplant¬andidates are comm

Blood Transfusions in Organ Transplant Patients_

Bloodless (transfusion-free) hematopoietic stem cell transplant

Clinical factors affecting engraftment and transfusion need

Induction of pre-transplant Epstein^«arr virus (EBV) infection by donor«lood transfusion in EBV^

Risk factors and outcomes of massive red blood cell

Liver Transplantation without Perioperative TransfusionsaSingle-Center Experience Showing Better Early Outcome

Infusion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells_ Types, Characteristics,ªdverse and Transfusion Reactions and the Implications for Nursing

Now Incidence of Hyperfibrinolysis

Perioperative blood transfusion affects hepatitis C virus

Peri-operative third party red blood cell transfusion in renal transplantation

Perioperative use of allogenic blood¬omponents in live-related donor

Plasma transfusion in liver transplantation_ a randomized,

Preoperative predictors of blood¬omponent transfusion

Profound thrombocytopenia and survival of hematopoietic stem

Prophylactic red blood cell exchange for ABO-mismatched

Red blood cell and leukocyte alloimmunization in patients awaiting kidney transplantation

Red-blood-cell alloimmunization and female sex predicta

Regulation of immune responses by RBC transfusion

Relationship of CD34+ cells infused and red blood cell

SCT in Jehovah’s Witnesses_ the bloodless transplant

Solvent detergent vs. fresh frozen plasma in cirrhotic

Associations of pre-transplant anemia

The association between red blood cell and platelet transfusion

The impact of perioperative transfusion of«lood products on survi

Transfusion has no effect on recurrence in hepatitis C

Transfusion policy_ when to stop the use of extremely rare blood

Transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease in a liver

Transfusion-related Epstein-Barr virus infection among stem cell

Use of recombinant activated Factor VII for refracto

GCIAMT Grupo Cooperativo Iberoamericano de Medicina Transfusional.
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